At very long last, we are live with the refreshed bottle! This has been a long time coming and is the culmination of around 18 months’ work for the team here at King’s Hill HQ. Quite simply, we are absolutely over the moon with the outcome.

This bottle is entirely bespoke for us which really does mean you can go after every detail.  The copper ‘coin’ at the neck is a nod to the still in which the gin is produced, something also reflected in the copper foiling on the label (which also features the lines of the original bottle). The King’s Hill blue is represented in the bottle’s colour fade, and the opulent diamond texture in the bottle reference the crisp, clean water of Glencorse – the reservoir which provides the water for the gin, and holds the run off from the fabled King’s Hill itself.

Enough from us, here are a few pictures to let the bottle do the talking…..