Given it was International Scottish Gin Day just yesterday I feel it’s time for a moment of reflection and a few words for our wee blog!

This ongoing COVID-19 situation is devastating, not only for the people who are being affected by the virus itself but also by the aftermath of the endless lockdowns and restrictions. Unfortunately COVID-19 is laying ruin to our friends and colleagues in the hospitality sector, my heart goes out to them all and I hope once we defeat this terrible virus they will bounce back better than ever if the business can weather the storm.

Understandably our business has also been affected due to the hospitality sector shut downs although we have managed to stay relatively busy with people being stuck at home more than ever they tend to shop online or their local bottle store for which we are very grateful! Thank you!

King’s Hill Gin is going from strength to strength with the help of our sexy new bottle. We are currently exploring several export options with our European neighbours and continue to take on new listings all the time. Nothing gives me more pleasure than walking into a shop and spotting our own blue bottle sitting proud on the shelf. Everyone of those bottles have passed through our hands various times in the process of creating gin from the hills to that bottle.

We hope you are all staying safe and sitting in front of a cosy fire somewhere sipping on your favourite Gin and Tonic with thoughts of brighter times ahead. Chin up and Slainte Mhath!