Robert Tannahill (Scottish Poet) –

Now the summer is in prime,
Wi’ the flowers richly blooming,
And the wild mountain thyme
A’ the moorlands perfuming;
To our dear native scenes
Let us journey together,
Where glad innocence reigns
‘Mang the braes o’ Balquhither

The Purple Heather currently carpeting Scotland’s Hills and Moors is a glorious sight and smell. It gets us at King’s Hill Gin very excited, it is one of our main hand foraged ingredients that go into our copper lady Marion’s vapour basket to create our award winning gin. We vapour infuse the purple tips of Heather, collected from the Pentland Hills, to ensure the delicate flavour is not lost amongst the punchy juniper and coriander bubbling away below. The alcohol vapour absorb this delicate scent on their way to the cooling coil where delicious King’s Hill Gin pours out.

We gather these delicate purple tips when they are out in the most glorious purple colour. The smell of the Heather is incredible and I am glad we can catch just a wee bit of it in our bottles. I have been told that Scotland’s most venomous snake, the Adder, prowls the Heather looking for tasty treats so I am sure to where a set of sturdy boots whilst foraging!

Happy September everyone!