terroir [ter-wahr; French ter-war] noun

1) The environmental conditions, especially soil and climate, in which grapes are grown and that give a wine its unique flavour and aroma.
2) The conditions in which a food is grown or produced and that give the food its unique characteristics.

The brief for our bottle design at King’s Hill Gin was really to capture what the French call ‘terroir’. We have ended up with a truly beautiful spirit with a captivating story behind it, the bottle also had to reflect this.

  • The glass was to remain colourless, allowing the clarity of a classic Juniper-led, crisp and clear London Dry Gin to shine through in all its glory.
  • The twelve lines on the bottle each represent one of the botanicals used in creating the gin, as well being the outlines of the actual Pentland Hills where our ingredients are foraged and gathered by hand.
  • The blue of the lines and the stopper represent the cool and refreshing waters of Glencorse reservoir. The slopes of King’s Hill run all the way down to its banks, and the deeps now submerging the ancient chapel of St. Catherine’s provide the water used in our still.
  • The eye catching ‘Vinolok’ glass stopper not only contributes to a premium feel but also continues the theme of clarity. Once you have cracked (no pun intended) how to open the glass stopper the noise is sensational and cannot be replicated with a cork! The only thing better is the liquid about to pour out the top.
  • The KH antlers are a nod to the King and Stag story behind our gin.