Stag Hi Ball Spirit Glass


“Gin, like a beautiful woman, demands appreciation. You gaze first, then it’s time to drink”

– Sandy Morrison, 2019.  (King’s Hill Gin Director)

 A truly beautiful gin surely requires and equally fitting glass, this fella here certainly qualifies. The Stag’s head adornment sitting proudly on the side almost matches the fabled mighty King’s Hill Stag antlers that mark every bottle of our gin. I am certain if King Robert the Bruce was still about this would be a painful, albeit pretty, reminder of the beautiful Pentland Estate he lost to Sir William ‘The Crusader’.

The glasses are 12cm in height and feature an expertly hand crafted pewter base to give it real character and weight. Add to that the Stag’s head adornment which sits proudly on the side of the glasses and you get an item which would be an ideal gift for anyone who likes a tipple and has a discerning eye for style. The spirit glasses hold approximately 250ml of perfectly mixed King’s Hill Gin & Tonic and make a real statement with its bold appearance. The glasses are supplied beautifully wrapped velvet bags and packaged in the English Pewter Company’s branded cream and black boxes.

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